Donald Trump’s Russian bounty scandal just got even uglier for him

When Donald Trump claimed this weekend that he had no idea Russia had been paying Taliban terrorists to murder U.S. soldiers, Palmer Report pointed out that he had just boxed himself in. All that the media and/or whistleblowers had to do was to establish that Trump did know, and the scandal would get even uglier for him.

Now that confirmation is starting to come in. The Washington Post is reporting that the Russian bounty scandal led to a “restricted high-level White House meeting” in March, even as the New York Times is confirming tonight that the information was included in Trump’s daily briefing.

Worse, the NY Times is also reporting that Putin’s bounties appear to have directly resulted in the death of at least one U.S. soldier. In other words, this has gone from a mere murder plot, to a successful murder. We’re getting closer to confirmation that Donald Trump did in fact know about this scandal and covered it up, even as the nature of the scandal is getting uglier by the hour.

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