Donald Trump screws himself yet again

As Donald Trump’s scandals unravel before us in real time, and the testimonies of both Donald McGahn and Robert Mueller just days away in the near future, pundits continue to argue that people will still not abandon Trump. Of course, Trump will still have those in his base clamoring for him all the way, but they alone not large enough in number to help him get re-elected.

What Trump needs, and who he hasn’t particularly endeared himself to, are those voters who remain on the fence and don’t pay much attention to politics. The GOP has hoped they could paint House Democrats as malicious in their Trump investigations and out for blood, in the hope of keeping just enough voters in their corner – a desperate plan that soon may not matter even if it does work.

While the majority of Americans want definitive answers on the Mueller Report and the 2016 election, what they probably don’t want is a $72 billion tax increase – the inevitable result of Trump’s “easy to win” trade war with China. According to a new report from CNBC, the trade war’s impact, when fully felt, will be “equivalent to one of the largest tax increases in decades.”

On average, a typical household earning $61,000 annually will pay between $500 to $550 more every year as a result of the trade war – and this comes on top of their losses from the 2017 GOP tax scam that was too toxic for them to run on in the midterms last year. Republican senators like Tom Cotton have tried defending the tariffs in their own embarrassing way, saying farmers are happy to sacrifice for Donald Trump. But this is sure to backfire, making it clear that Trump is to blame.

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