Donald Trump’s senility continues to worsen

Donald Trump’s three and a half years of scandals, antics, ineptitude and stupidity have saddled him with an approval rating that’s too low to be competitive in his race for reelection. So Trump is hitting the panic button, throwing everything at the wall he can come up with – and that includes a phony scandal that he can’t even come up with.

What is Obamagate? It’s the clearest evidence yet that Donald Trump is pretty far into senility. “Obamagate” is a phony scandal so convoluted, incoherent, and hallucinatory in nature, even people with functioning brains have a hard time understanding what it’s supposed to be about. Trump is so far gone, all he can do is keep yelling the word, as if it means something.

Congressman Ted Lieu has had just about enough of Donald Trump’s nonsense. After Trump tweeted the nonsense word yet again, Lieu let him have it:


There is still no one on either side of the political divide who has any idea what “Obamagate” is supposed to be.

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