Donald Trump’s sex trafficking scandals are getting uglier by the minute

Now that we’re focused on the aviary, let’s talk about the black swan. A black swan in nature is random and unexpected. In economics, a black swan deviates beyond what is normally expected and is extremely difficult to predict. Donald J. Trump is a black swan. First, my apologies to black swans everywhere. In fact, all swans; all birds; all dinosaurs. Hell, bacteria for that matter. But, folks, he walks among us. We’re going to have to deal with it. He is our black swan.

Trump’s criminal friends are now horseshoeing around him. We have the Lolita Express/Epstein scandal on one end, and on the other we have the madam, with all the Chinese sex slaves, hawking entrée to Chinese “business” owners to Mar-a-Lago. It now seems obvious the horseshoe will close with Trump holding hands with both sides to form a circle. One wonders if the interior will hold a bunch of under-aged girls, Chinese or American.

We can’t know for certain because Trump is our black swan, full of unwelcome and damaging surprises. But here’s one surprise that’s brewing up in our favor. Congressman Adam Schiff is now urging the Office of Special Counsel to interview Trump in person. Trump has already provided written answers to Robert Mueller’s questions, but has avoided having to answer them orally.

Our black swan president is now in Adam Schiff’s range. Donald Trump will do one of two things. He will either fight this with his last breath and last lawyer, or like the black swan he is, he will drum up all his stupid narcissism and head over to Mueller’s office, confident that he can snooker the veteran prosecutor and Vietnam veteran. Let’s hope it’s the latter. We’ve had enough of the pointlessly destructive black swan. It’s time for a white swan. And, by the way, Swan is Robert Mueller III’s middle name.