Donald Trump is “shell shocked” as everything falls apart for him

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve known all along that Donald Trump was on track to lose the 2020 election. At no point during the entire election cycle was he ahead in the polls, or even in close contention. The thing is, the ever-delusional Trump apparently had no idea this was the case until very, very recently.

Trump’s 2020 poll numbers have dropped even further in recent weeks, as more Americans have concluded that he’s completely botched the coronavirus crisis and that he’s not up to the job. But his numbers have been bad all along, and apparently he had no idea; his own advisers must have been snowing him about this. It’s not clear how he finally found out that he’s getting his butt kicked, but he’s apparently deflated by the news

This is the picture now being painted by the Washington Post, which says that Trump is “shell-shocked” by how ugly things are for him. Trump is apparently still under the illusion that he had been winning until the coronavirus crisis came along, though this could merely be his way of rationalizing why he’s losing. Still, it’s surreal to think that the President of the United States could be so pathetically detached from reality, he had no idea until now that he’s been on track to lose all along.

Of course even now that a bit of truth and reality has invaded Donald Trump’s cocoon of delusion, he’s still planning to behave in delusional ways. The Post says that instead of getting his act together and finally taking the coronavirus crisis seriously so the American people can see him be a leader, he’s planning to start holding campaign rallies in the middle of a pandemic. Same old Trump.

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