Donald Trump’s shitshow sinks to a whole new low

The propaganda arm of Trump Inc. is working overtime today. On Fox Business Channel, Trump declared Robert Mueller a criminal by saying Mueller illegally deleted evidence. What exactly The Donald was talking about, no one is sure. The conversation seemed to be about the texts between FBI officials Strzok and Page, but then, after Trump declared Mueller illegally deleted evidence, he started in on illegally erased emails. Of course, whose emails we haven’t a clue, unless the Republican firing mechanism is on automatic with “But her emails!” and he segued into Hillary Clinton’s.

When asked about the drowning death of a father and his toddler, his answer was to declare that too many parents are bringing their children here because of the Democrats. Clearly, he doesn’t see the point of their attempted immigration. But why would he? He has deals to make! Which brings us to what every citizen of the U.S. wants to hear. When a reporter asked what Trump will be discussing with Putin at his upcoming meeting with him, he said that “is none of your business.” Yay! We’ve gone full dictatorship!

Grandpa Ranty is losing it by the second. He can’t follow a thought, he is terrified of Mueller and the subpoenas circling all his peeps, and now he has to go to his overlord Putin and report that he is a failure. Not to mention all the people that Putin is going to force Trump to pardon on his way out of office. That’s going to leave a nice finale to this whole shitshow.

But as we’ve been saying, the walls are closing in and things are only going to get tighter for Trump. Everyone from Elaine Chao on down is under the microscope. This criminal enterprise will end in a house of pain. But having to watch it play out in real time, the house of pain is all ours.

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