Yesterday we learned that Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel was physically ill, and that she was awaiting the results of a coronavirus test, after she was exposed to it at Donald Trump’s recent Mar-a-Lago party. This comes after multiple other people who attended the party have also tested positive.

Shut it down. Shut down Mar-a-Lago. Quarantine the whole place. Not just to punish the negligent criminal who owns it, but because the place is now a public health hazard. We’ve got multiple members of the House and Senate in quarantine simply because they set foot in Mar-a-Lago during that party. The place is that infested. Does anyone really believe that delusional cheapskate Donald Trump has had the place properly disinfected since the outbreak there began?

Local officials need to get in there and shut Mar-a-Lago down for health code violations, before the coronavirus outbreak emanating from the place ends up spreading further around South Florida, and begins infecting a bunch of innocent people who have never set foot in Trump’s shithole resort.

Donald Trump announced last night that he’d been tested himself, and that he’d tested negative, but of course no one believes him, because he always lies about everything. We don’t know if he has it. But we know that he’s the owner of a coronavirus hotspot – and the whole place needs to be cordoned off with caution tape until further notice.

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