Donald Trump is sliding down the ramp to his own downfall

One good thing came out after “president” Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally disaster: he has a new nickname that is trending on Twitter: #presidentsippycup. This is so appropriate for one who spends all his time name-calling and mocking others. How must it feel to be on the other side for a change? Perhaps it is getting through to Trump that his reelection chances are looking dim. His walk of shame following the rally seems to support that. Maybe he will learn that he cannot just say anything and get away with it.

One of his most egregious comments was admitting to telling his staff to slow down coronavirus testing. His logic — if you can call it that — is that the more we test the more cases we have. Thanks, Captain Obvious. He also re-enacted his walk down the ramp and showed that he could hold a glass of water with one hand. Sounds like a really good use of time for a “president” when his country is burning down all around him. He might want to spend the next four and a half months learning to slide down a ramp, which will get him out of the White House faster.

We will likely see Brad Parscale fired (or sued) by Trump any day now. Not only did he not turn out the promised crowd for Trump’s hate rally, but he forgot to include an “over 18” box on the ticket reservation, which allowed thousands of teenagers to reserve tickets as part of a TikTok challenge. It is damned funny that Trump and his minions got “punk’d” by a bunch of high schoolers. Steve Schmidt of the Lincoln Project tweeted that his 16-year-old daughter and all her friends were part of the challenge.

New Yorker paints a portrait of an obviously evil, failed man. He is on the campaign trail, yet he never mentioned any of the issues that have our country in turmoil. No mention of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor or others murdered by police and the unrest caused by their deaths. He showed not one iota of concern for the 119,000 Americans who have succumbed to COVID-19, and continued his racist ways by claiming Representative Omar wants to turn America into “the failed [country] she came from.” He was generally tone deaf to the concerns of average Americans, which does not include anyone who would attend his rally. Just last week, he claimed to be considering giving a speech on unity, yet he turns around and continues his divisive ways.

Fortunately, Joe Biden continues to scorch Trump in the polls. Trump’s former favorite network, Fox News, just released a new one, showing Biden up by 12 points nationwide 50% to 38%. If Trump does not believe that number, RealClearPolitics shows Biden ahead of Trump by an average of 9 points across the polls. Trump had better be worried. He is doing absolutely nothing to improve his prospects, and at this point, he should not bother. He has worn out his welcome; it is time for him to go.

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