So that blew up in Donald Trump’s face

When Donald Trump drew a laughably small crowd last week for his Tulsa rally, his campaign insisted that it was only because phantom protesters blocked Trump fans from getting through the entrance, and because the media scared Trump fans into staying home by predicting violence.

Now the Trump regime itself is being forced to admit that in-person rallies in coronavirus hotspots aren’t a viable idea. The Trump campaign just canceled Mike Pence’s planned bus tour of Florida, which is now seeing ten thousand or more new coronavirus cases per day. The kicker is that the tour was literally called the “comeback tour” – and now it’s been canceled because America isn’t actually coming back from the pandemic.

So now Donald Trump now looks even more foolish for having held his Tulsa rally during a pandemic. The rally served to demonstrate that Trump is a lot less popular than he used to be, and that he’s criminally negligent in how he’s handling the coronavirus crisis. Serves him right.

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