So the idiot went after all

Yesterday Donald Trump abruptly canceled his planned weekend golf resort trip to New Jersey. He announced on Twitter that he was staying in Washington DC to deal with the supposed looters and rioters who have taken over the city in his imagination.

At the time, Palmer Report pointed out that something was obviously going on behind the scenes. Yes, there were questions about the weather in New Jersey, but he could have simply headed straight to a different resort. Instead it was fairly clear that he had panicked and canceled the trip because of the bombshell story about Russia paying terrorists to kill U.S. soldiers, which Trump had been covering up for months.

But today, Trump decided to travel to his golf resort in Virginia after all. That’s right, the idiot was only able to contain himself for one whole day, before deciding that even the optics of his latest Russia scandal weren’t enough to keep him from going on yet another golf resort vacation.

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