Somebody leaked this

Numerous red states are idiotically planning to “reopen” in the midst of a deadly coronavirus crisis that isn’t any less dangerous than when the lockdowns began. Now suddenly the New York Times is reporting that according to the Trump regime’s own internal numbers, the daily coronavirus death toll is set to start accelerating, and may double by June.

Here’s the thing. Internal information like this doesn’t make its way to the media by accident. It’s not like an internal White House document got picked up off a staffer’s desk by the wind and happened to just randomly land in the hands of a New York Times reporter. When internal details like this are reported, it’s because someone within the regime leaked it, because that person wanted the public to know what was going on.

In this instance the most logical conclusion is that one of Donald Trump’s people pushed for the Trump regime higher-ups to publicly announce these death toll numbers in a last ditch effort to save lives, and the Trump regime decided it wasn’t willing to do so for fear it could make Donald Trump look bad, and so the person decided to leak it in the hope of changing the public narrative.

We’ll see what comes of this. The media has spent all day sounding the alarm about how the Trump regime’s own numbers make clear that the coronavirus crisis is getting far worse, not better. Thus far the Trump regime is insisting that these numbers aren’t even real. If the media calls out this obvious lie and keeps pushing the story, it could place pressure on the Trump regime to distance itself from any “reopening” effort.

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