Something is going very wrong with Donald Trump right now

We’re starting to observe a sea change in the Trump Administration. It’s been subtle but it’s there. In recent photos, Trump appears to have multiple bruises on his forehead beneath his ubiquitous ballcap. His right nasal septum appears to be blown, and a recent video of him playing golf seems to show a thinner, frailer Trump. All of these images could be doctored, anachronistic or misread. But his absence in his job as President has been noted.

Mike Pence seems to slowly be taking more and more of the focus off Trump, which would happen if the administration were covering for an increasingly deranged Commander in Chief. This isn’t necessarily good news, because Pence is just as corrupt and dangerous to our country – perhaps more so because he knows east coast hurricanes don’t hit Alabama, and he understands not to congratulate Poland on the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II, when 1 in 5 Poles were slaughtered. But the trend seems to be getting the media to focus more on Pence, less on Trump.

The thing is, big picture here, democracy is working. Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, has withdrawn the extradition bill that ignited the protests. In the UK, Parliament is not suffering Boris Johnson and his Brexit chaos. Mitch McConnell is looking to get ridden out of Kentucky on a troika and he’s having to own the name Moscow Mitch.

We’ve got a year and a couple of months til Trump and his thieves will be thrown out of office. In the meantime, as weary as we all are of the craptastic faux gold grifters in this administration, we need to continue to give these people hell every day. Because it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the democratic thing to do. Hong Kong and the UK Parliament would agree.

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