Something’s up

By now we all get it: Donald Trump doesn’t care about the pandemic, and he doesn’t care that we know he doesn’t care about the pandemic. That includes heading to his golf resort whenever he can, regardless of how bad the optics are. Yet now Trump is suddenly canceling his weekend golf resort trip at the last minute.

We’re going to see a number of excuses floated for this. Some pundits will conclude that it’s because Trump was suddenly worried about the optics of going on a vacation during a pandemic, even though we all know that Trump doesn’t care about that one bit. Other pundits will insist that it’s because the forecast says it’s going to rain in Bedminster this weekend and you can’t golf in the rain. But if he’s looking to get away, why wouldn’t he just go hang out at his resort?

The bottom line is that something is up. Something happened today that forced him to cancel a trip, at the last minute, that he didn’t want to cancel. Is it some kind of emergency all-hands meeting about how badly he’s losing the election? Has his declining health suddenly gotten worse? All we know is that something is up – and it’s worth watching for clues to try to figure out why he really blew off this trip.

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