Donald Trump goes completely off the rails and is spiraling out of control

Today is not the first time in which Donald Trump has carried out a public feud with a cancer patient, and it’s not the first or the tenth time in which Trump has carried out a feud with a black public figure while questioning that person’s intelligence. But this morning stood out as being remarkable because Trump simultaneously carried out a feud with a cancer patient and a black public figure, as he appeared to be trying to create a mess on as many fronts as possible.

After Spike Lee used his Academy Awards speech last night to encourage people to vote in 2020 for morally superior candidates, Donald Trump accused Lee this morning of having given a “racist” speech. Trump also implied that Lee was too stupid to give a speech without notes, and that he was too illiterate to even read his own notes. This was remarkable, considering that Trump’s own tweets suggest he’s semi-illiterate, and he’s easily the worst teleprompter reader in modern political history.

Then Donald Trump lashed out at former Senator Harry Reid, who is now battling cancer. Trump falsely claimed that Reid was run out of politics (he retired), and accused Reid of career long dishonesty. As per usual, this was a matter of Trump projecting his own failings on others. But what stood out is that Trump was clearly, desperately, looking to create a distraction this morning.

A couple hours later, Alva Johnson accused Donald Trump of trying to kiss her while she was working for his 2016 campaign. Trump knew this story was coming out today. So were his Twitter antics this morning a way of trying to distract the media and the public from that, or is there another big shoe yet to drop? Just how poorly does Trump expect his Kim summit to go? Are Trump’s criminal scandals about to get even worse for him? Stay tuned. Trump is even more out of control than usual.