Donald Trump is spiraling out of control

“President” Donald Trump announced his re-election campaign in typical fashion: A hate rally in Orlando, FL. Even as The Orlando Sentinel announced it would refuse to endorse Trump because of his numerous lies, he lied his way through his “speech” (using the term loosely). CNN had fact-checkers ready, and they documented 15 lies in 76 minutes. This data is extremely voluminous, and only the biggest whoppers or ironies will be examined here.

Energy: Trump has recently been messing with energy policies, many of which will impact our environment. He boasted at his rally that they have “ended the last administration’s cruel and heartless law on American energy” and that we’re now the number-one producer of oil and natural gas. Fact: The US has been the world’s number-one energy producer since 2012, which was accomplished by the (real) president whom Trump tried to vilify, President Obama.

The Wall: According to Trump, Democrats have previously voted for a border wall and now refuse to do so because he is president (self-projected narcissism). Fact: Some Democrats, excluding Nancy Pelosi, voted back in 2006 for more fencing, never for a wall. That fencing was built. Trump then went on to tell his frequent tall tale that the wall is already being built. It’s not. As of last month, not one inch of wall had been erected in areas that were not already fenced. What does trump do now? He claims that new fencing that replaced worn-out fencing “should be counted” as wall. Okay.

The Environment: This is a big one, folks, because we all know that Trump is damaging our environment, not helping it. Yet he claimed that “our air and water are the cleanest they’ve ever been by far.” Fact: Our air quality was improving — until now. The American Lung Association said that it is now much worse and that between “2015-2017, more cities had high days of ozone and short-term particle pollution compared to 2014-2016.” So, there’s that.

Unemployment and Wages: This is my personal favorite because Trump constantly touts how he has helped the African-American community to create the “lowest unemployment numbers in the history of our country.” Fact: if you want to consider unemployment from the 1970s, Trump is correct that African-American unemployment has hit a new low during his presidency, though it has increased again. According to the CNN fact-checkers, most of the progress in African-American unemployment happened under—guess who—President Obama’s administration. When Obama took office in 2009, the rate was 12.7%. From there, it fell to 7.9% under his (not Trump’s) policies. By the time President Obama left office, the rate was 6.2%.

Well, we now at least understand why Donald Trump hates President Obama so much. He accomplished all the things that Trump wishes he could accomplish. Since he can’t, he claims them instead. He’s not only a liar but is a loser of the most epic proportions. A Trump supporter outside of the rally, speaking with a CNN reporter, said that the media needs to lay off Donald Trump. “You all say he lies, but he doesn’t.” Again, all you can say is, “Okay…”

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