Donald Trump’s stooge Steve Mnuchin is at it again

Donald J. Trump the INCOMPOTUS and his GOP feckless followers in the Senate are not doing what is needed to keep this country afloat. Rather, as they do every time when a crisis hits this nation, they’re seeking to grab power and help their friends instead of helping the worker, the poor, those in need. This is a major reason for the impasse in the Senate that is causing the major stimulus package to not move forward.

In the current bill that is being considered to address the major COVID-19 crisis at hand, on page 391, there is what has been described by Sirius XM host Michelangelo Signorile as what “appears to be a Secret Bailout Authority. Trump/Mnuchin can make a loan, guarantee, or other investment in Goldman Sachs or even the Trump Org and keep it secret for 6 months.”

What this refers to is a discretionary, $500 billion fund included in the bill that would permit Mnuchin to make loans in his discretion without anyone knowing about it for six months. At that point, as we have seen with so much with his administration, they would likely declare this information classified, and Trump for all we know would have received more than the value of his businesses.

This is wrong, and we should not have to be dealing with this bullshit while real suffering is about to begin, and while the president has not done anything to implement the Defense Production Act, according to his head of FEMA.

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