Donald Trump struggles to walk after going down another ramp

When Donald Trump struggled to walk down a ramp after his West Point speech earlier this month, while also struggling to drink a glass of water, and looking half dead, and barely being able to give a teleprompter speech, it raised serious questions about his health. Trump was so bothered by this, he spent much of his Tulsa speech ranting and raving about how uniquely difficult the ramp in question was to walk down.

But Trump may have blown a hole in his own excuse today when he was seen struggling to walk again. This time it was after he had successfully walked down a ramp of stairs, and it was a bit more subtle. But if you watch this video to the end, you’ll see that something appears to be wrong with him:



If the above video won’t load on your device, go here instead. If today’s incident were merely a one-off, we’d be inclined to write it off as not being particularly important. But when you place today’s incident within the context of Trump’s recent string of physical struggles, it paints an alarming picture. Again, the issue is not that Trump might be physically disabled; that’s certainly not disqualifying. It’s that he’s trying to cover up whatever is wrong with his health, and that for all we know, it could be a health condition that also causes mental or cognitive disabilities that could be disqualifying.

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