Donald Trump has berserk meltdown about the “stupid people” who won’t vote for him

Like an insecure fragile narcissist, Donald Trump can’t handle the fact that people are increasingly turning against him. His poll numbers and approval rating numbers keep getting uglier, but his own people keep feeding him fake poll numbers that tell him he’s doing well, and he keeps wanting to believe it.

For instance, Trump is once again insisting that he has a 95% approval rating within the Republican Party, a number he cites frequently, without ever saying where it supposedly came from. But now Trump has decided that the 5% of Republicans who don’t approve of him are, well, stupid:



Who’s going to be the one to break it to Donald Trump that his approval rating in the Republican Party is actually closer to 80% in an average of polls? This may sound like a high number, but it’s actually rather historically low. Trump’s failure to dominate within his own party helps explain why his numbers are so bad overall.

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