Donald Trump comes out swinging at Nancy Pelosi, misses, falls down, hits himself in the head

After Donald Trump announced yesterday that he was taking hydroxychloroquine to fend off a potential coronavirus infection, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (correctly) warned him that considering his age and morbidly obese status, the drug could kill him.

When Trump was in front of the TV cameras this afternoon, a reporter asked him about Pelosi’s comments. If Trump were smart, he wouldn’t have taken the bait. But Trump isn’t smart, so he said that Pelosi is “sick” and she’s got “a lot of mental problems.”

What Donald Trump doesn’t understand, or just can’t help himself over, is that Nancy Pelosi hurls these carefully crouched insults at him in order to bait him. She knows how to thread the needle in a way that allows her to get away with her comments, but Trump is an unimaginative brute, so when he fires back at her, he ends up looking like a complete idiot.

Yet Donald Trump keeps taking the bait, and so Nancy Pelosi keeps winning when it comes to knocking him off his game. She keeps screwing with him, making him less effective when it comes to screwing with us.

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