Donald Trump just got hit with some really bad news

When Donald Trump ran for President against Hillary Clinton in 2016, a sizeable contingency of voters didn’t know what to do. These voters feared that either a Trump or Clinton presidency would spell disaster, and so they believed they had a choice of two options. Either they could pick the lesser of two evils or they could simply stay home on Election Day. These voters, known as “double haters,” are back in 2020, and it looks like they’re preferring Joe Biden.

In 2016, both the Trump and Clinton campaigns tracked the double haters, who appeared to lean Republican and waffle in their support for a while. This changed in late October, when former FBI Director James Comey announced his agency was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s emails, according to Joshua Green of Bloomberg Businessweek. “Immediately, the double haters made up their minds and started moving en masse toward Trump,” he explained.

When a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll came out this week showing Biden leading Trump by 49% to 42% among registered voters, Green analyzed data on respondents who disliked Trump and Biden (the double haters of 2020). The results were astonishing: Biden is beating Trump among the double haters by 60% to 10%.

Although the campaign is still early and this is one poll, a Republican close to the Trump campaign told Green that this development “is pretty concerning and frankly shocking.” Green also believes that if Biden managed to hold this 50-point lead heading into the fall, “Trump is probably toast.”

Whether Joe Biden has been the candidate you have liked the most, the one you now hate the least, or something in between, American democracy needs your vote this November. In the last election, we could only imagine what a Trump or Clinton presidency would look like. This time is different. Trump has been President for more than a few years, and he has left a legacy of misery, disease, death, hatred, and fascism. Trump’s presidency has proven so destructive and pathetic that it’s no mystery why even double haters have every reason to double down on Biden.

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