Donald Trump just threw the entire Republican Senate under the bus

Sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to stick with people, especially someone as toxic as Donald Trump. When Trump declared his faux national emergency over his beloved border wall, a handful of Republicans in Congress were smart enough to object. The rest decided to put party over country, and now, we’re all paying for it.

As Huffington Post has revealed, we are now losing military funding for red states, because the funds have been diverted for Trump’s wall of shame. You can call it just desserts or just plain stupid, but many in the GOP are likely regretting their decision now.

Martha McSally, who wasn’t even voted into the office she now holds, sided with Trump on the faux national emergency. In return for her vote, $30 million is being diverted from her state’s army base, Fort Huachuca, to help fund Trump’s wall. McSally was appointed by Arizona’s Republican Governor after she couldn’t win on her own, and he and the rest of his state can thank her for the loss of these funds. No wonder Trump’s approval rating is rapidly dying in Arizona. Needless to say, McSally’s Democratic counterparts in the Senate are not happy with her. Instead of protecting military trucks, vans, trailers, and vital electronic equipment, McSally helped to ensure that it will now be exposed to the elements according to the Arizona Daily Star.

Impossibly and laughably trying to save face, McSally claims that the project “was already facing delay due to unforeseen environmental issues.” Sure it was. Mark Kelly, a former astronaut who will be running against McSally told Huff Post that McSally’s vote represents her “failure of [the] most basic responsibility to put Arizona first.” He also alleges that she told Arizona residents that she had protected funding for Arizona’s military bases, which obviously isn’t true. She can pretty much kiss her seat goodbye, but let’s be honest: Any elected (or appointed in this case) officials who put party before country need to go. Several other Republicans cut from the same betrayal cloth will also suffer losses in their own states.

According to the HuffPo piece, Thom Tillis lost $80 million for North Carolina, Texas lost $48 million thanks to John Cornyn’s vote, Lindsey Screwball Graham will cost South Carolina $11 million, and Cory Gardner of Colorado lost $8 million for his state. All of these senators are up for reelection in 2020, but unfortunately, 127 military construction projects are being directly impacted, both at home and abroad. This is supposed to be strengthening our military? As long as Trump gets what he wants, right?

The good thing about something so terrible is that all of these GOP Senators are in trouble in 2020. Many were already in trouble, but this development should be the proverbial final nail in their coffins, which is good news for those of us who truly love this country. We’re in a position to fill those seats with representation that reflects the many hues of our skin and diversity of our ideals. Tim Kaine commented that “The well-being of American troops is the core responsibility of every commander in the military, yet the Commander-in-Chief is shirking that duty so he can advance his own political agency.” Keep that in mind while voting on November 3, 2020.

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