Talk about missing the target

Anyone who has paid even a modicum of attention to the Michael Flynn criminal case is well aware that Emmet Sullivan is the last judge who could ever be convinced to simply let the case go. Unfortunately for Bill Barr, he’s either been paying way too little attention to the criminal cases he’s trying to rig, or he thinks way too much of his own abilities.

Judge Sullivan has previously openly accused Flynn of having sold out his country. Sullivan was outraged when he learned that the DOJ only wanted to give Flynn six months. Now that the DOJ wants to let Flynn walk, even though Flynn has pleaded guilty and confessed to his crimes under oath in detail, Sullivan is hitting the roof.

I saw this coming. Most of you reading this saw it coming. How did Bill Barr not see this coming? None of us could have predicted the specific remedies that the judge is invoking, from amicus briefs to the appointment of a retired judge to take over the case against Flynn. But we all know there was right around a zero percent chance that Sullivan was going to let Barr do this. Some other federal judge, such as TS Ellis, might have let this slide. Emmet Sullivan? Of course not.

The question is how Bill Barr ended up missing so badly here. Did he really not do his homework? Is he too big for his britches? Or did an increasingly delusional Donald Trump push Barr so hard on this, Barr had no choice but go through with it, knowing it would blow up like this? In any case, what a surreal swing and miss.

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