Donald Trump now claims he tested negative for coronavirus. Here’s the evidence trail that says he’s probably lying.

Just now the White House released a statement claiming that Donald Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus. Here’s the thing, though. It’s fairly easy to sketch out why Trump and his White House are probably lying – and not just for the usual reasons.

Yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump announced at a press conference that he was going to be tested for the coronavirus, but he refused to say when that test would take place. Then last night Trump’s doctor released a statement asserting that Trump doesn’t need to be tested. Then today, Trump announced at a press conference that he was tested last night. Let’s be clear here. There is no scenario – none – in which Trump’s doctor tested him for coronavirus last night while simultaneously announcing that no test was necessary.

In other words, based on the specific circumstances we’ve just seen play out, there is no reason to believe that Donald Trump was even tested. Considering the numerous other major things he’s lied about, there is every reason to believe he’s lying about this as well. This is even before getting to the fact that Trump has been in visibly poor health during his public appearances this week, suggesting he’s ill with something.

Our best guess is that once the news broke this evening that RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel is ill and is awaiting test results to see if she caught the coronavirus during the Mar-a-Lago outbreak, and suspicion rose even further that Donald Trump may have it as well, Trump decided he needed to falsely announce that he tested negative. Unfortunately, despite the obvious antics going on here, most major news outlets will likely report Trump’s supposed test result without questioning it.

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