That howling sound you’re hearing is coming from the Oval Office

If you’re hearing strange sounds coming from DC, it’s just the primal screams coming from the Oval Office. Trump’s Department of Justice lost its appeal and now must hand over the entire Mueller Report to Congress. AG Bill Barr is adding to the chorus of doom since he was the one who obstructed justice by burying it. We can’t wait till he goes to prison.

Additionally, Kayleigh McEnany is heading toward the Trump Torture Chamber as she laughably declared today that she will never lie to the press. Besides this being an obvious lie – because lying is the right-wing brand – the Mueller Report will show that her declaration of total exoneration for Trump in the Russia probe was a lie. Jerome Corsi, the former InfoWars commentator who narrowly avoided charges only because Bill Barr probably intervened, is now under investigation for running an inside scam with the White House promoting hydroxychloroquine.

Did we mention Michael Cohen got a Trump lawyer letter to cease writing his tell-all? All of this is coming to a head and will result in a total meltdown by Trump. There is chatter about his resignation, but with COVID 19 hurting the money laundering business, Trump & Co. can’t afford to leave the White House. They will cling to whatever flimsy raft that comes their way. But there’s one thing about flimsy rafts: they sink. Enjoy the month of May, folks.

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