That’s not how any of this works

If you know me, then you know that I’m as liberal as they come, and that I have great respect for liberals in general. There is, however, one thing that always confuses me about our side of the ideological fence: why are we always so quick to assume that our own liberal leaders are complete idiots, even when the evidence says otherwise?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has spent the past few months running circles around Donald Trump, in such rapid fashion it’s left his head spinning. We don’t know precisely how their ongoing battles will play out. But it’s such a mismatch, the one thing we know for sure is that Pelosi will win, and Trump will suffer at her hands accordingly. So why on earth would Pelosi stupidly decide to take impeachment off the table yesterday? She wouldn’t.

Even if you take Pelosi’s impeachment comments at face value without reading between the lines, she’s simply saying that there’s no point in impeaching Donald Trump right now, today, because it wouldn’t succeed. She’s right. What’s the point of ringing up Trump on impeachment charges right now, when we all know the Senate wouldn’t come anywhere close to removing him right now?

When you do read between the lines a bit, it becomes clear that because Nancy Pelosi knows she can’t successfully impeach Trump right now, she’s taking the opportunity to screw with his head. She chooses her words very carefully, and “He’s just not worth it” is intended to provoke a response from him. Let the narcissist Trump fall into the trap of responding to Pelosi’s insult about his importance. Let him start tweeting about impeachment on a daily basis, so he can be the one to normalize the concept, thus allowing her to impeach him sooner.

Really, though, Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are putting together a strategy to destroy Donald Trump on every level, costing him his money and his kids and what little might be left of his dignity, to the point that he’ll be begging to be allowed to resign in exchange for reduced criminal charges. That’s so much more effective than the slow grind of impeachment.

What I don’t understand is why so many liberals and Democrats don’t understand any of this. Nancy Pelosi isn’t a weakling or an idiot. She isn’t going to simply let Donald Trump off the hook for no reason. That’s now how any of this works. She didn’t even say she won’t impeach him, she simply said she won’t impeach him right this very second. That’s before getting to the fact that she’s a brilliant strategist.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to win, against an evil and destructive opponent. And she’s going to pull that off. She isn’t looking to impress you, or put you at ease; there are bigger concerns. In fact, if you’re feeling all riled up at the prospect of Donald Trump somehow not being ousted and brought to justice, that works in Pelosi’s favor, because it means you’ll be out there pounding the impeachment drum – which will make it easier for her to oust him more quickly.