The curtains are drawing down on Donald Trump

It seems as if the curtains are slowly but surely drawing around faux president Donald Trump. So much is happening at once that it is becoming more difficult to cover everything in one piece, so let’s look at what’s happened recently.

As the impeachment inquiry continues to move forward, an important witness appeared before Congress: Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. She defied the White House’s order commanding her not to appear by doing just that. When you consider that the Trump administration conducted a campaign against her and wrongfully ousted her, who can blame her? In usual bumbling fashion, the White House put together talking points for Yovanovitch’s testimony, which they once again accidentally sent to Democrats. Note to self: Never hire any of the Trump White House staff for legal issues. Multiple news outlets also revealed that Gordon Sondland will appear for testimony, after Trump previously blocked him.

In other good news for the Democrats, a federal appeals court compelled Mazars to release Trump’s income tax returns and other financial documents that the Democrats have been seeking for some time. Pelosi, basking in the positive news, also brought forward a joint statement from 17 former Watergate prosecutors who appear to support the investigation, urging the House to carry out the investigation “fairly, openly, and promptly.” Outside support for the impeachment inquiry is vital to the inquiry, but the support of former Watergate prosecutors is huge, given that they have “been there, done that” and full well understand the importance of this inquiry. Importantly, all of these victories continue to chip away at the presumed value of Trump’s stonewalling technique. How’s this working out for you, Donnie? Not too well it appears. It is likely that the House will also call Bill Taylor to testify, who referred to Trump’s actions with Ukraine as “crazy.” He doesn’t know even the half of the “crazy” in this administration. We continue to move in a very positive direction.

As if Trump hasn’t had enough bad news, yet another judge ruled against his border (vanity) wall. Politico refers to Trump’s plan as an “unorthodox use” of federal funds, which is fitting considering that Congress refused the use of these funds for that purpose. U.S. District Judge David Briones rejected the funding, but he went further. He specifically declared Trump’s faux emergency proclamation “unlawful.” Because Congress clearly rejected this funding in January, Judge Briones ruled that Trump had no right to bypass Congress and take the funds that are earmarked for other uses. Though the Supreme Court previously stayed a similar ruling in California and Arizona, this is still a thorn in Trump’s side.

When Donald Trump will realize that the majority of Americans aren’t interested in his unnecessary wall is unclear, but rulings against him at least put a stop to his authoritarian actions. This isn’t Russia, and Trump isn’t Putin. America is not the place to even think about trying these unsupported actions. These rulings, both in favor of Democrats and in favor of the citizens of Texas, are strong reprisals to Trump and his ability to rule as if he owns America. Trump is not above the law, and Americans have a voice. Deal with it.

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