The dam is breaking

Last night Democratic Congressman Denny Heck emerged from Fiona Hill’s ten hour marathon testimony to the House impeachment inquiry, and while being careful not to prematurely reveal the details of what transpired, Heck simply said “the dam is breaking.” As the night went on, it became clear what he was talking about.

It turns out John Bolton of all people advised Fiona Hill to go to a National Security Council lawyer months ago and document everything that was going on in Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal. The New York Times says that Bolton compared Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine extortion to a “drug deal” and also implicated Mick Mulvaney as being in on it. This sent shockwaves. After all, just how ugly does your scandal have to be for John Bolton to be the good guy in the story? But there was more to come.

As the night went on, Rudy Giuliani confessed to Reuters that he took a half million dollars from the company being run by the Ukrainian guy who just got arrested. And really, why not confess? The SDNY already has his bank records, which are going to get him arrested for numerous international financial crimes anyway.

Somewhere in there, Gordon Sondland leaked that not only is he going to refuse to cover for Donald Trump when he testifies this week, he’s going to defend Marie Yovanovitch, whose firing by Trump is going to end up being yet another article of impeachment. This comes even as high ranking officials from the State Department and the Department of Defense are now lining up to testify. The dam has indeed broken.

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