The death rattle of the Republican Party

This impeachment of Donald Trump is the death rattle of the Republican Party. From their debate and votes in the House Judiciary Committee, it’s clear they’ve collapsed on our national security. They are all doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding either because of Russian money in their campaigns or money under the table from oligarchs or simply because of evangelical zeal gone awry. In spite of his rallies and his fans at Fox News, don’t be fooled by their enthusiasm and willful ignorance of the facts. They are losing.

The blue wave that occurred in the midterms has only grown in strength. The Senate won’t vote Trump out of office, but it won’t matter. We will see the entire trial on TV, and facts will matter to the general public. Republicans will blindly vote against the obvious guilt of Trump, and it will anger a lot of their comparatively rational constituents.

The other thing to remember is there will be a waterfall of indictments after Trump is out of office. Keeping Trump in office has value simply because the stability of the office of the US Presidency is worth a lot. The Department of Justice recognizes this value in its policy not to prosecute a President while in office. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t numerous indictments waiting for Trump the second he’s voted out.

He knows there are. His fear is palpable in his Twitter storm. There are those who believe he won’t last to the end of this four-year presidency, but it seems likely he will hold on with his fingernails. What is waiting for him at the end is a freefall of numerous indictments. He will take the Republican Party with him.

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