The look on Donald Trump’s face says it all

Trump’s face at the World Series was priceless. While he’s a malignant narcissist and encases himself within a bubble of adulation, he still appeared at that moment to understand the tide is turning against him. The anger and fear that crossed his expression during the boos and chants of “Lock him up!” were revealing the cracks that are only widening.

Adam Schiff is plowing forward regardless of those ignoring the subpoenas. There will be a reckoning for Trump and many others who have sold out our country. If you need to know who’s owned by Russia other than Trump and his oily family members, just look at the eight senators who spent July 4th, 2018 in Moscow under the “guise” of warning Putin to stay out of our elections. They promptly came back to the US and have managed to ignore every bill to strengthen our election defenses that Congress has come up with.

We’re less safe because of Trump and not just because of ISIS. In Andrews, Texas, there’s a nuclear waste site whose contract was given to a large Trump donor. They’ve expanded the site that was unsafe to begin with because of the remainders of the “kitty litter incident” that shouldn’t be stored at the facility anyway. This incident involved improperly packaged waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory and has not yet been packaged correctly.

None of this is good and the sooner we get rid of the snake in the White House and his serpentine friends, the better. Schiff will no doubt put pressure on the courts to act quickly on this latest person to ignore one of his subpoenas. Keeping our fingers crossed we won’t have a nuclear accident in Andrews, Texas. Because of Trump’s greed and corruption, we’ll put these criminals in prison where they belong: in Florence, Colorado, at the administrative maximum facility for those who’ve endangered the United States.

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