The mystery of what we just watched play out

Friday, something horrific happened in the Senate. No, it wasn’t that our Republican Senators committed treason. That did occur, and every single one of them needs to be replaced with people who have all our interests at heart. But the worst thing that happened in the Senate was that the Republicans voted to not have any witnesses or evidence for Trump’s trial.

On the face of it, Trump and his traitorous Republicans think they’ve won. Wednesday they’ll acquit, and Trump will go forward with more crimes. But they don’t know the horror they now face. As a novelist, I know I have to sew up all the threads in a book or hear from countless readers about how I messed up. No one likes to have only 1⁄2 the story. This is the reason mysteries and thrillers sell so well. The reader wants to solve the mystery or at the very least be confident that the writer will solve it for them. Woe to the writer who leaves things unfinished without at least the promise of a sequel to wrap things up.

And now the Republicans have just left all of America hanging. And trust me, those witnesses and documents are going to have to be produced because the outcry is enormous. Every journalist out there is going to be on the prowl for information to feed the clamoring public. The mystery must be solved!

As a writer, I would have advised McConnell to go with the line that the House had proved its case, Trump was guilty, but the wrongdoing was not worthy of removal. Trump’s slap on the hand would be forgotten within a week of him creating the next scandal and the public would’ve moved on.

But no. (Evil smile.) The Senate had to go and create a mystery. And dammit, America wants this mystery solved and we’re not gonna be happy until we know everything. Everything.

There’s already talk of fourteen whistleblowers coming forward, including two from the IRS. McConnell can’t hold the lid on this. And doing what I do for a living, good luck in telling people, “Nothing to see here!” after Schiff and company outlined every mysterious criminal act and exactly who had the answers to it.

If McConnell wasn’t held captive by Trump and if Trump wasn’t such a narcissist, they would’ve swept this under the rug. But surely Trump’s insistence on full acquittal will be the Republicans’ undoing. We want to know. And now, we’re not going to stop until we have the full story and the mystery is solved.

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