The one thing we’ve still got going for us

Turkey’s bombing of our allies, the Kurds, is certainly the beginning of genocide. Trump’s relationship with Erdogan goes back to his Trump Towers in Turkey and, as always, Erdogan’s bow-down to Putin. Never forget that if Trump does something, it’s only with full approval of his lord and savior, Vladimir Putin. People are now literally dying so that Trump can serve his leader but what we have to ask ourselves now is why.

Putin has something pretty bad on Trump. That’s the stick in this relationship. The carrot is the fact that Putin has the ability to make Trump fantastically rich like Russia’s oligarchs. It’s a dark day for the US when we’ve betrayed our allies and placed our national security under the feet of two sociopaths, but this is where we are.

A famous pundit called the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum the Museum of Human Nature. We all have the capacity for cruelty but giving power to a man without a conscience like Trump was a disaster in the making from Day One. Shame to all those who allowed this evil man to be in power.

Having said that, we are also terribly fortunate that Trump is stupid and his motivations are obvious. People are catching on to what a piece of crap he is and are now favoring impeachment in greater numbers. His days are waning. You can bet he’ll do as much damage as he possibly can in his last moments in office – anything for Putin – but there’s a shelf date on this sh*t stain of a human being. At the very least, he will either be impeached, voted out, or jailed, and hopefully all three. The next administration will have to send troops into Syria in order to re-establish our alliance with the Kurds, but not before many will die. Our troops will return to a less safe environment and our fellow countrymen and women will be imperiled.

We’ve been through worse. We had no moral platform to get involved in Vietnam or Iraq. Right now, Trump’s stupidity will surely get people killed, but it will also bring him down. In these tragic times, let’s count ourselves lucky that he’s not intelligent like Putin, and that we have a government of checks and balances. The evil that men do can be deep and dark. The evil that smart men do is much worse.

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