The real danger for Donald Trump

Sad to say, but Donald Trump is a long way from being 25th Amendmented. Both of these routes are attractive given his explanations of bad indoor plumbing and “so much water, it comes down – it’s called rain.” But regardless, he’s still being propped up and he’s still showing up. Adderall is one helluva drug when snorted but it can produce a burst of energy, enough for a photo op or two.

The real looming danger here to Trump is his taxes, and the Supreme Court will probably rule in January, likely in favor of releasing them. The danger to our very existence, however, is Trump’s cell phone.

Because he doesn’t understand how rain works, let alone a hand-held computer, he’s been jabbering away into a device that surely has hostile powers listening in. There’s a flaw in the SS7 or Signaling System 7, a series of protocols in cellular service that have long been exploited by nations to spy on each other. What this means is Trump’s every word, typed or spoken, can be accessed by those not intended as the recipient. When Trump rants about not using anything but a government-approved phone, he’s blatantly ignoring the advice of his security officials.

Russian Ambassador Lavrov will be back in the Oval office, slapping Trump’s back and planting high tech listening devices. We are less safe with this man in office no matter how hateful, greedy, racist and stupid his followers are. Remember that in November. Remember also our country’s been through worse. We will get through this, and we will be infinitely stronger for it. Our Five Eyes partners have been listening to all of Trump’s calls all along and our intelligence services know everything. Smile. Sleep well. Vote.

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