The real reason Donald Trump is falling to pieces

Can the Democrats blow the election? Certainly. Joe Biden is aging and prone to gaffes. Elizabeth Warren, while a good choice, won’t get those new Democratic votes fresh from the Republican side. But Donald Trump is going out of his way to help ensure a Democratic win, and we should thank him for it.

Nobody should make fun of someone with dementia. We may all face the same end one day. Trump may be staring down that proverbial gun eventually, but he’s far from incapable of doing a lot of damage between now and the election. He’s certainly hurting our economy with his trade war with China and tax plan for the wealthy to get wealthier. He’s also hurting our stature abroad with our allies. The G-7 doesn’t even want him to attend.

Frankly, all the problems Trump is causing have nothing to with his impending dementia. It has everything to do with his life-long pattern of behavior and his narcissism. Not to mention his grinding stupidity. His whole existence has been a destructive slurry of white male privilege, money, and a snake-oil salesman’s sense of predation. None of this has to do with his age or mental fitness. He was always mentally unfit. And he’s not that old. Seventy is the new sixty, after all.

Hoping he’ll be removed via the 25th Amendment isn’t realistic. Everyone around him thinks he’s fine because he’s promoting their evil agenda. And his family doesn’t care. Let’s face it, the kids want their inheritance, and certainly Ivanka and Don Jr. believe they’ll be president one day, as their right.

What we have here is the same old same old Donald Trump. We have to get through this with our allies one day at a time, stopping him when we can, hoping we can repair the damage when he’s gone. He will go to prison after the election. The only solution to this Trumpian mess we’ve found ourselves in is to hang on and know that a lot of people saw this coming. It’s Trump’s old pattern, but it’s survivable. One way to do this is volunteer for your local Democratic Party. November 2020 is coming sooner than you think, and thankfully way sooner than he thinks.

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