The real reason for all these crazy lies about Joe Biden

One of the more ridiculous assertions from Joe Biden’s critics is that he’s actually a Republican. That’s not only laughably false, since he’s been a Democrat longer than any of his opponents in the primary, but is also pretty dismissive of the plans his campaign has laid out – ones that could also bring victories down the ballot to candidates in House and Senate races.

You could quickly point out that he’s looking to expand Obamacare as we’ve mentioned previously, while also working to reform criminal justice – an area where some of the most promising voices in the party could work with him.

A number of progressives thought Biden’s speech to wealthy donors where he promised that nothing fundamental would change was proof that he was hopelessly regressive as a candidate. What he was really doing was asking them to take a small cut to their after-tax income in return for supporting him. Biden’s tax plan would raise $4 trillion over a decade with taxes on the wealthy. Were this to be enacted by Congress, it would be, according to the Tax Policy Center, one of the biggest transfers of wealth in American history. One-percenters would lose between 10-15 percent of their income, which to them wouldn’t be much of a change, while everyone else would benefit significantly.

If that’s not enough, a Biden administration is also hoping to invest $1.7 trillion in clean energy by reversing Donald Trump’s tax cuts – coupled with regulations to bring carbon emissions to zero by the year 2050, another $1.3 trillion infrastructure plan, and a $15 minimum wage. All of these things are terrifying to Trump as well as Mitch McConnell and their Republican donors – no wonder they’re working so hard to demonize him and split the party however they can.

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