The real reason President Obama is living rent free in Donald Trump’s head

Donald Trump has been obsessed with President Barack Obama since long before he stole the presidency. He started with the birther bullshit, and now, he wants the Senate to investigate Obama. Trump seemingly has what he wants, yet he continues to allow President Obama to occupy precious space in his head, which is precious because he needs all the room he can get. All you hear from Trump these days is “OBAMAGATE!” So, what is really driving Trump’s obsession with President Obama?

Former Justice Department spokesperson Matthew Miller attempts to explain Trump’s contempt for Obama. “There’s some racism but, most of all, it’s driven by the fact that Obama has the thing that Trump has always craved and never achieved, and that’s respect.” In all his years on earth, “president” Donald Trump has obviously never learned that respect is earned. You cannot browbeat or cheat people into respecting you. Indeed, cheating them — as Trump is so famously known for doing — will kill any respect someone might have had. Trump thinks that because he is “president” of the United States, he should automatically garner respect. For one thing, he stole the presidency, so he gets no brownie points for holding the office. Second, he is simply a horrible human being. President Obama did not take office demanding respect; he earned it through his words and deeds.

From Trump’s perspective, Obama never deserved to be in the White house, and from the day Trump stepped inside, his main goal was to dismantle Obama’s legacy. That dismantling reveals his disregard for the American people by rolling back environmental regulations and trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act. Looking at everything Trump has done to hurt the American people, those who continue to support him must be doing so because of their own biases and racism. These are people who have cartoon views of black people, as does Trump. Tara Setmayer is a former Republican communications director on Capitol Hill who now hosts a podcast called “Honestly Speaking.” Setmayer believes that Trump “has a problem with people of color who are in authority . . . .” She further stated that “Barack Obama is not a ‘shuck and jive’ person of color, and those are the kinds of people Donald Trump tends to be attracted to.” Setmayer may be onto something. Trump loved Diamond and Silk, who are parodies of black people, the very caricatures that racist white people love. No wonder he hated when they were fired.

For other racists in this country, Trump is their messiah. Has made them feel that it is perfectly acceptable to ridicule people of color, reduce them to the caricatures, and to outright murder them if they “step out of line” (like jogging in a white neighborhood). This belief system best explains their desire that Trump remain in office. Perhaps their twisted thoughts make them feel better, but honestly? They make them look like what they are: stupid.

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