The real story behind Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and hydroxychloroquine manufacturing

We’ve learned by now that whenever Donald Trump frantically pushes anything, it’s part of some scam aimed at personally benefiting him. As Trump has gotten further into cognitive decline, we’ve also seen that he’s increasingly easily influenced by the scammers around him. This brings us to the question of why Trump is frantically pushing a drug called hydroxychloroquine as a supposed coronavirus miracle cure.

To be clear, no one knows whether hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for coronavirus or not. There have only been limited studies, and experts have had no clear agreement on what the results mean. If you take hydroxychloroquine and you get better, does that mean it worked, or were you going to get better anyway? The drug has potentially fatal side effects, so for now, it may only be worth taking if you’re going to die without it anyway. Scientists and doctors will have more to say about this as they see more data. But for now, Trump is pushing the drug in a manner that’s not consistent with anything scientists are seeing. So why?

There are two key pieces of circumstantial evidence. The first is that Rudy Giuliani is pushing hydroxychloroquine even more frantically than Donald Trump is. We’ve already seen that Rudy has a way of getting Trump to listen to him when it comes to dastardly stupid schemes, such as when Rudy talked Trump into criminally conspiring with Ukraine in a way that got him impeached.

The second thing to consider is that if Trump and Giuliani are indeed plotting to personally profit from this drug, there’s got to be a drug manufacturer, distributor, or reseller in on the scheme. Two and a half weeks ago, a drug company named Novartis announced on its website that it would donate up to 130 million doses of hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus patients – right around the time Trump started pushing it as a miracle cure.

This of course does not mean Novartis is guilty of anything. But Michael Cohen has claimed that Novartis tried to hire him to lobby Donald Trump. Now this same company says it’s donating a massive amount of an untested coronavirus drug, at the same time Trump is essentially saying “Look, I found a miracle cure, I’ve fixed the coronavirus crisis!”

Novartis needs to explain why it made this donation, who was involved in the decision, what if any conversations it had with those in Donald Trump’s personal orbit, and what if anything was promised in return for this donation. This is a deadly serious matter, and we have to get to the bottom of it.

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