The Republican rats are eating each other

Among the many Republicans who managed to make fools of themselves during Donald Trump’s impeachment, Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia managed to stand out as one of the dumbest, with demented claims like Democrats are in love with terrorists, and that the impeachment wasn’t really happening even while the House Democrats were in the middle of an inquiry. He brazenly defended Donald Trump at his own expense in the hope that Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp would appoint him to fill the seat of outgoing Sen. Johnny Isakson, who retired before his term was up.

That didn’t happen and Kemp decided to appoint Kelly Loeffler instead, a long-time backer of the Republican Party who of course has more to offer the state’s party than a numbskull like Collins ever would. Now, Collins is making headlines once again, as he’s filed to run in a primary for Loeffler’s seat, much to the annoyance of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, who really wishes he’d run for the House again.

“The shortsightedness in this decision is stunning. Doug Collins’ selfishness will hurt David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler, and President Trump,”said the NRSC’s executive director Kevin McLaughlin in a statement. Georgia has become something of a swing state with shifting demographics, particularly in the Atlanta area, where Democrats picked up congressional seats in 2018. Stacey Abrams also came within striking distance of the governorship that same year.

Collins may or may not be successful in getting the senate nomination, but it’s a test that Georgia Republicans really don’t want to have at this time: which of their candidates is more loyal to Donald Trump. We’re also not quite sure who Trump would back in such a primary – if Collins’ obvious attempts to suck up will do him any favors, but one thing is certain: Republicans are much less united than they want us to believe.

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