The Russians are indeed coming

Russia is meddling, and “president” Donald Trump is livid — at those who are exposing that meddling. CNN reported that U.S. intelligence officials have warned that Russia is already interfering in U.S. elections…again, with the goal of re-electing Donald Trump. Shelby Pierson, the top election security official, revealed that Russia’s efforts include hacking, social media aggression, and direct attacks on election infrastructure. Intelligence further confirmed that Russia is interfering to help Donald Trump, among other things, including creating questions around the integrity of the election process.

Once Trump got wind of it, heads began to roll. Joseph Maguire, who was scheduled to leave in March, is now leaving immediately. CNN reported that Trump was “irate” in his meeting with Maguire because he “allowed” the Russian interference information to be included in their briefing. Why be “irate” if you have nothing to hide? Likely, he’s irate because it’s now in the open, and as with most everything having to do with Trump, it makes him look bad because he has continuously downplayed Russian interference. According to CNN, Trump was most upset because Adam Schiff was included in the briefing. Schiff is yet another person whom Trump spends countless hours hating and attacking. As far as he is concerned, Schiff finding out is a proverbial slap in the face. Someone needs to slap Trump’s face, literally.

Russia has, not surprisingly, denied its interference according to Reuters. In addition to releasing Maguire and replacing him with loyalist Richard Grenell, Trump took to Twitter to make his dissatisfaction known, calling the information a “hoax” and that the Democrats have launched a “misinformation campaign ‘saying that Russian prefers me to any of the Do Nothing Democrat candidates.’” Me, me, me. Too bad he doesn’t sing. If you can say nothing else about this man, he’s consistently a self-absorbed asshole. His complete failure to do the job he stole, while spending his time insulting people and stoking white supremacists, continue to to show that he has no business in the White House. The funny thing is that Trump’s viewpoint on events is contradicted by former intelligence officials.

Jake Tapper told Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s Situation Room that it is “quite predictable” that Russia would once again attempt to interfere. “This was not a big surprise,” opines Tapper, “but it illustrates the tremendous challenge that the intelligence community has where they’re teeing up facts that our President doesn’t want to hear.” Former CIA Director John Brennan said to MSNBC that Trump seeks “to squelch critical intelligence” and that the U.S. is “now in a full-blown national security crisis.” Brennan believes that Trump is trying to prevent intelligence information from getting to Congress, which allows Trump to “abet a Russian covert operation to keep him in office for Moscow’s interests, not America’s.”

Trump has shown time and again that America’s best interests are of no concern to him. The only thing that matters to him is winning at all costs. He certainly appears to be more concerned about Moscow than he is about America, and the continued support of this fake, traitorous president will always boggle the mind.

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