The sealed “Indictment A” that Donald Trump needs to worry about more than ever

We’re now talking about superseding indictments. Lev Parnas is implying he’s going to sing like a canary even as the news is reporting there are more charges to come in his dealings with Rudy Giuliani. This brings up some old news that may be pertinent now.

In the indictment of Paul Manafort and his partner, Rick Gates, the description of his and Gates’ case was labeled Indictment B. There hasn’t been much written about this because of the avalanche of other news, but it stands to reason that if there is an Indictment B, there has to be an Indictment A.

To date, any document labeled Indictment A hasn’t been revealed. It seems to be under seal. With Manafort in prison and Gates cooperating, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to keep it under seal for their sake. But if Indictment A involves some high-powered people who haven’t been prosecuted yet, well, let’s just say it sounds a lot like Donald Trump.

We’ll have to wait and see what superseding indictments still come to light against Parnas and others. But there definitely seems to be another indictment in the case of Manafort and Gates. This is far from over. It’s going to be complicated and corrosive to our society, but it’s best to remember we needed these lessons. Our country and the world will be better for it if we accept the facts and deal with the criminals.

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