The ship is going down

The Donald is speculated to resign before he gets impeached. This seems unlikely. Yes, he’s a quitter. But with what he’s facing with his taxes and criminal counts from SDNY, the idea of falling into that net early isn’t much of an option.

We predict The Donald is going to hold onto office until the last rat has fled the ship. Many speculate he’s going to pardon all his friends on the way out the door but that seems unlikely also. Stone, Manafort and Flynn may be holding out for pardons but thankfully their legal counsel is of such poor quality they haven’t been explained the ramifications of a Presidential pardon.

If the President pardons you, you are guilty as charged. Which means you have to answer any and all questions put before you or you will go to prison for perjury. This means that if you plead guilty to conspiring with WikiLeaks and the President pardons you, then any and all information you have on conspiring with WikiLeaks is fair game for any prosecutor or Congressional member wanting to take your statement. And if your truthfulness involves the President’s criminal behavior, well, too bad. Fess up or go to prison.

This is why Trump has shamefully pardoned our criminal military members and racist sheriffs. Notice, Manafort is rotting in his cell. The Donald’s posturing might be giving all these idiots false hope, but if they had decent lawyers at their sides, they’d know to sing and sing loud. And take note: it’s doubtful Pence will pardon The Donald because of the same circular firing squad.

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