The silence is DEAFENING

He still hasn’t said anything. It’s been a day and a half, and Donald Trump still hasn’t said anything. Sure, he sent his press secretary out there to ludicrously claim that he had somehow never been briefed on it, as if that were even possible. But Trump hasn’t said a single word about it.

Donald Trump clearly has no idea what to do about this bombshell revelation that he’s known for months that Russia was paying the Taliban to murder U.S. soldiers. If he had any confidence in his ‘nobody told me’ defense, he’d have gone to the podium and delivered it himself. Instead it’s clear that he’s afraid to stake himself too directly to that claim, because it’ll very likely be proven in the coming days that he did know.

Yet Trump says nothing. This isn’t the kind of scandal that the President of the United States can say nothing about. Whatever defense or argument or lie he wants to go with, he has to be out there pounding his fist and forcefully trying to sell the American people on the notion that this scandal isn’t the ugly traitorous and murderous shame that it appears to be.

More to the point, with his numbers already collapsing and his presidency already in freefall, Donald Trump has to show that he cares enough to bother responding to an accusation this wretched in nature. Instead he’s doing the opposite. This guy isn’t even bothering to fight for his own survival. It’s sending a loud and clear message that Trump cares about protecting Vladimir Putin’s interests more than he cares about saving himself.

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