The Trump White House is starting to look like a coronavirus hotspot

One key member of Donald Trump’s staff, who interacts with Trump regularly, has tested positive for coronavirus. One key member of Mike Pence’s staff, who interacts with Pence regularly, has also tested positive for coronavirus. The Pence staffer is married to one of Trump’s closest advisers, raising questions about how widespread this whole mess might be.

Here’s the thing about a coronavirus outbreak: it might stop at one, but it doesn’t stop at two. If the two confirmed White House cases in a twenty-four hour span are related to each other and aren’t mere coincidence, then there are all but certainly additional cases in the White House. Keep in mind that people who have been infected can continue to test negative until they start developing symptoms. Within the next five days, we could see an alarming number of White House coronavirus cases.

Throw in the fact that Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant has tested positive (though she’s supposedly been working from home), and the eleven Secret Service agents who currently have coronavirus (though it hasn’t been revealed how many of them worked in the White House), and the whole thing keeps getting uglier.

This comes even as Donald Trump tried to argue this week that the worst of the coronavirus crisis is past us, and it’s somehow safe to throw caution to the wind and reopen the country. Oops.

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