Hope Hicks and Rhona Graff are in real trouble

Michael Cohen was known as a “fixer” for Donald Trump. But the real garbage collection people sweeping up behind the Trump crime syndicate are Hope Hicks and Rhona Graff. Both women acted as gatekeepers and Trump whisperers. There is very little they don’t know about. Their testimony and documents will be gold.

Hope Hicks was a clean-up gal, probably too young and dumb to understand the crimes she’s been involved in. Her alleged sweeping of emails under the rug and alleged lying to Congress have real-world consequences. For a rube like her, she probably always ran with the philosophy that if Trump says it’s okay, it will be okay or he’ll make it okay. In the private world of the Trump Organization, that worked for a long time. But as we’ve seen, this is a whole new planet. You do not mess with the American people. Americans have lawmakers and the judicial system behind them, and for the most part, they will follow the law. Poor Hope. Let’s hope she’s flipped.

But the real Mrs. Danvers in this Rebecca mystery has been Donald Trump’s personal secretary Rhona Graff. She has been in Trump world thirty years. She’s seen it all and probably has participated in more crimes as an accessory than we can name. Now with the added title of Senior Vice President of the Trump Organization, her goose is cooked. She can’t fall on the excuse that she was just an underling following orders. She’s got real involvement and she will do real time. Unless she flips.

Rhona has put in her time with Donald Trump. If she has a family, she should think hard and fast about what sacrifice she’s willing to make for Trump. She’s seen Manafort thrown in prison for life. Roger Stone, another longtime compatriot whom she must know pretty well, will be next. If she’s got an ounce of self-preservation, she’ll sing, and she should start in producing documents and in polishing her truth bone for testimony in front of Congress.