The walls are closing in on Donald Trump

Ah, the sweet, sweet sound of PRESIDENTIAL HARRASSMENT! Donald Trump has obviously gotten some bad news, as Rudy’s partner is being forced to hand over documents to the court, and the Berman firing is being set up for a congressional investigation. His Tulsa rally was an unqualified disaster and the Lincoln Project latest ad using the Jurassic Park soundtrack (dinosaurs? lol) makes us believe some hard hitters are getting behind Biden.

The walls are definitely closing in on Trump. June was expected to be bad for him with the clock ticking on the SCOTUS ruling of his taxes, but the disastrous turnout of his rally is the cherry on the doomed sundae. Next up is the firing of Brad Parscale. There’s no doubt Trump is blaming him for the poor turnout, and Parscale is being targeted by the Lincoln Project as well. Without Parscale, Trump’s electoral scam will be dealt a hard blow.

But though the news is encouraging, we can’t let down our guard. Trump wins with mass disinformation, voter suppression and foreign interference. He and Barr are doing everything they can to corruptly shield him. We have to stay vigilant.

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