The White House isn’t even trying to mask what’s wrong with Donald Trump

Even though it’s the Trump regime, the current White House has some serious people in it. For instance, there are military leaders in the building. And while none of Trump’s political advisers are serious people, most of them at least have some basic sense of self preservation – at least to the point that they know they should be wearing masks while working in a building that has multiple confirmed coronavirus cases.

Yet take a look at this photo of today’s Trump White House meeting:


Yes, it’s a bunch of white guys, which is a whole other important conversation. But they’re not wearing masks. They all surely know better. There’s only one possible explanation: the boss won’t let them. We’ve seen various reports over the past few days that Donald Trump doesn’t want to wear a mask because he thinks it would look “ridiculous.” That’s cute, but when there’s an outbreak of a deadly virus in the building where you live and work, you’d have to be completely deranged not to be willing to take such a basic safety precaution, even if you don’t like it.

Donald Trump has to be the sole reason why no one in the White House is wearing a mask while in a coronavirus-infected building. That means Trump is even further gone than we thought, in the cognitive and mental competence departments. Yet instead of trying to forcibly talk some sense into the boss, Trump’s political advisers are merely going along with his insanity – at the risk of their lives and his.

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