There’s only one way out of this

Dorian is set to hit the U.S., and Trump goes golfing. A tidal surge may affect Palm Beach, and Trump is suddenly worried about people (trust that he will file for insurance claims whether Mar-A-Lago is damaged or not). People are shot in Texas, including a 17-month-old baby, shot in the face, and Trump can’t even be bothered to tweet “thoughts and prayers” because he’s bored by having had to do it so many times.

Meanwhile Texas is attempting to loosen gun laws even further, though four out the ten worst mass shootings have happened there this year.
It’s a reign of chaos, but take heart. Some good things are happening. The Straight Pride parade in Boston went off without a hitch, unless causing mortifying embarrassment to heterosexuals is a hitch. Of note was their Trump 2020 float that behooved The Donald in its spectacular impotency. All this is just another day in Trumplandia.

Meanwhile, the EPA is being gutted for oil and gas interests. The Endangered Species act is being plowed over; our national parks are going to the highest bidder. Trump’s daughter tweets vacuous platitudes while our Attorney General Bill Barr hands Trump $30,000 for a DOJ party.

The self-dealing of this crowd is transparent, outrageous and without censure. It’s corrupt to the core, and mainly because no one in this administration will intervene as long as it pleases Trump. Trump is owned by the Russians and so is most of the GOP. The true chaos agent isn’t Trump, it’s Putin. But the protests in Moscow can’t be duplicated here because the only thing that’s going to correct this outrage isn’t an appeal to conscience – this administration has none – it’s a vote. Please vote.

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