There’s only one way this ends

Trump is going down and it can’t come quickly enough. But it’s time to tread carefully. That Trump has committed federal and impeachable offenses – now in real time in front of the American people – is fact. But there’s no blowing this. In his speech in front of the seniors of The Villages in Florida on Thursday, there were lots of claps and cheers for Trump and his repulsive language, even though he has clearly betrayed the Constitution. It was astounding. But no matter how much you explain how un-American Trump’s behavior is to these people, many are impervious to facts. They are adrift in a slurry of stupidity and hate, and there’s no getting through to them.

The reaction in The Villages of the Damned is a good reminder that we still have a hill to climb in order to get rid of Trump. As much as we’d like the handcuffs slapped on Trump & Co today, Nancy Pelosi is signaling that she plans to be thorough; she said today that they plan to leave no stone unturned. That’s just what we want to hear. Pelosi is who we need, and her experience is what we need now to be able to save the United States.

For the future, it’s imperative we set an example for others elected to public office that breaking the law will not stand. It’s vital that Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and all the rest looking into Trump’s crimes be scrupulous. Not just for what we’re going through now, but for future generations. Indeed, for the future of the country.

Trump’s base will always be there. There’s always a section of any population who hates, and responds to the language of hate. Let’s move forward methodically and get this criminal and his minions for everything we can. Let’s not just remove Trump from office in disgrace; let’s lock him up for the rest of his life.

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