Michael Cohen’s thermonuclear bombshell

The thermonuclear bomb that will be Michael Cohen’s public testimony is set to go off at 10am eastern time on Wednesday. There’s lots of speculation over what he will testify to, and what actual evidence he will produce. Right now he is giving private testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. It will be interesting to see the faces of the Republican members of the committee when he is finished. I expect they will not look pleased.

First of all, whatever he is willing to say in public on Wednesday is going to be the cleaned-up, vanilla version of what he is saying now behind closed doors. And even then, it won’t be good. The White House is so nervous, they are already spinning the testimony and labeling Cohen a liar even though they haven’t heard any testimony yet. Cohen is expected to bring checks, accounting receipts from the Trump family accountant, and tapes. Yes, you heard that right. There may be tapes. Lordy.

If Cohen does lie to Congress this time, he can expect an additional five years tacked onto his sentence. Knowing he is already looking at three years, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by telling the truth. Of course, the Republicans will toe the Trump line and proclaim everything out of Cohen’s mouth a lie.

Right now, the RNC is preparing a war room to push back against the testimony. They are distributing a truly odd commercial. It shows video montage of Cohen extolling all of Trump’s “virtues” such as his being “humble, honest and genuine.” Then it ends in the words: “Have Fun in Prison!” Just a tip, RNC: you might want to investigate a thing called “irony.” Hmmmm, yeah, now would be a really great time to remind everyone that Michael Cohen was the deputy finance chair of the Republican National Committee.