These are the most dangerous men in the world, and they’re going to prison

Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell are the most dangerous men in the world. Trump would be also, but he is obviously an idiot. In this perfect storm of evil, we are now in three pairs of hands that are pushing us toward disaster. All of them are owned by hostile foreign powers: Barr by Opus Dei, McConnell by Russia (and, most likely, China), and Trump, the biggest whore of all, is owned by anyone and everyone with a quarter to flip at him.

Jerry Nadler isn’t owned by anyone. Which is why they can’t get to him. He’s moving forward with the impeachment process regardless of Pelosi’s reluctance. Timing is everything and Cummings, Nadler and Pelosi want what’s best for the country. The court filing asking for the redacted information in the Mueller Report will be all that is needed for the information swing to really affect swing voters.

We’ve got a lot to make up for in the next election. Trump & Co. must be put in prison; our NATO and foreign allies have to be shown good faith again; and our country needs to develop a two-party system that reflects parties that both put country first. Unfortunately, there’s so much corruption on the right, this may take a decade or more.

“Do Not Share with the White House,” is now a thing for our allies. As disgraceful as that is, we can rebuild these relationships once we clean house. But that will require getting rid of more than just Trump. We are literally infested with corruption on the right which has been building for thirty years, so we must get them all out of office and enact laws that support greater transparency for our elected officials. Trump will die in prison, and I suspect he won’t be alone. As terrible as it is to think of our President as a traitor, the lessons we learn from this experiment in democracy were much needed and will stay with us for a very long time.

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