These people are idiots

Well, the Grand Guignol has begun. Thirty House Republicans stormed the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, otherwise known as the SCIF, while Laura Cooper of the Department of Defense was attempting to start giving sensitive impeachment testimony. Not only did this moronic move cause all 30 of them to commit at least one federal crime (conspiracy, anyone?), but it stalled the hearing. This room, the SCIF, will now have to debugged, as the Republicans visibly entered the SCIF with their phones.

We don’t have to get into spy technology to know what kind of stupidity was being played out today. But the thing not to miss here is the fact that these 30 fools performed the stunt just to please their master, Trump. The act of storming the SCIF might be playing out well in the White House, but now, not only have all of them proved they’re a security risk, they also just might get what they are seeking.

These puppets have clearly not thought this out. Full disclosure isn’t going to be possible in classified situations so they’re betting that security risks can be played out as a shadow deep state move that they can heroically expose to the masses.

Good luck with that. This hearing was delayed for a few hours. But from now on, armed guards will be shielding that door against all unauthorized entry. Again, these Merry Morons haven’t thought this out, because the very information they seek is also most damaging to their Dear Leader. They are acting out to sow chaos and doubt about the findings. But justice will keep moving forward regardless. What can be revealed will be in time. The truth will come out. And for some, like Donald Trump, it will not set them free.

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